service dans le manoir Vol.7 – Akari’s Relaxing Hair Salon

お屋敷づとめ。Vol.7―西園寺灯里 癒しのヘアサロン―

CV: NyaruPomuPomu

RJ Code: RJ247975

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Akari Saionji works at the hair salon, and has a sort of kemono like look to her.
She's can be very over familiar, but she is highly skilled and sure to bring you
relaxation and refreshment!

Though her conversations can be random, she works hard to study techniques
for her master. A fascinating girl, who you can't help but like.

01 Weekend morning, in the hallway (03:52)

[At the Hair Salon / While Talking]
02 Full body baby hair shaving (12:43)
03 Face shaving (05:42)

[At the Hair Salon / Relaxing Sounds]
04 Haircut (16:57)
05 Shampoo (05:45)
06 Carbonated head spa (07:34)
07 Dryer (03:58)
08 Facial and ear massage (14:47)
09 Ear cleaning (left) (08:29)
10 Ear cleaning (right) (7:57)

11 Evening nap (03:59)

[Total playback time: 1 hours 48 min 3 sec]

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台本 / Script

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