service dans le manoir Vol.4 – Mai’s Fluffy Services in the Afternoon

お屋敷づとめ。Vol.4―栗坂舞 昼下がりのふわふわご奉仕―

CV: Yuka Hinata

RJ Code: RJ240186

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Last update: 2022/10/20

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  1. Service Dans Le Manoir Enjoyer

    Isn’t this considered tsundere? The way she says (…と言ってみたり)(what if I said…), is actually really adorable. She sounds like shes cool and doesn’t care, but she is interested in you and is trying to pretend that she doesnt mean what she said.

    I love the Dans le manoir Series. Also check out volume 5, and you better have tried the harem.

    • Service Dans Le Manoir Enjoyer

      I’m not sure if my comment added the tag, or if I was just blind beforehand. Anyways, good to see it there now

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