My Ears Don’t Belong to You! Ear Licking Scramble! (5 different girls!)

『僕の耳は君らのモノじゃない!』耳争奪バイノーラル音声 耳舐め CV秋野かえで様・天知遥様・涼花みなせ様・陽向葵ゅか様・柚木朱莉様

CV: Yuka Hinata, Kaede Akino, Haru Amachi, Minase Suzuka, Akari Yuzuki

RJ Code: RJ280575

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8 Replies to “My Ears Don’t Belong to You! Ear Licking Scramble! (5 different girls!)”

  1. your fans

    hey admin, i see you upload much this week. i just want to say thank you soo much for your hard work even in this situation. i hope for the best for you and i hope you always healthy

    • zoklev

      I also want to express my gratitude. These works of asmr are a big part of what keeps me going and this website is my gateway to them.

      This website is like a female seed plant that produces endosperm(nurturing asmr) as an energy source to help its embryos(me being one of them) live and grow in a seed. (I can’t speak for the other embryos though). Thank you, farmer(admin), for planting(creating) this plant, watering(maintaining) it, and fertilizing it (uploads). I promise that I’ll mature into something magnificent.

      When that happens, I’ll express my then even greater amount of gratitude and help out with the farm if you’ll let me. For now, though, I’m just an embryo trying its hardest to grow.


  2. zoklev

    The more girls the merrier and being harem king is every man’s dream but any girl after the 2nd has some serious diminishing returns.
    For any scale that exists in romantic/sexual relationships, they can be on different sides of you on that scale and adjust if necessary, then that’s all the variety you need unless some of those scales combine (I would just focus on each scale in turn if that’s what I was seeking). But then again, if the girls are very versatile then they can switch sides on the scales and form literally any combination you want.
    Also, more than 2 girls make sex too cramped and there’ll be a lot of waiting on their end because it’s hard to attend to them all at once. Also, too many girls make each one of them less memorable and your relationships with them less meaningful.
    I’m not complaining about this work. In fact, I enjoyed it a lot. I firmly believe that more girls is always better. I’m just pointing out the sharp diminishing returns after the 2nd girl.
    I was just daydreaming about an ideal life for me while listening to asmr and I got to thinking about my ideal girls, which led to this. Thought I’d share

  3. Anonymous

    Hey OP thanks for posting and keeping us busy during quarantine. You doing great work., Thanks and survive this darn virus

  4. Anonymous

    [Cocky Brat x Binaural JOI] Cum! You Freakin’ Miserable Loser!
    I can’t listen this.
    Fix pls!


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