Dark and Light JK Bitches Get Together to Service You Sexually

仲良しJK援交ファイル ~白黒ビッチのヌキヌキサービス~

CV: Nachu Aizawa, Kaede Akino

RJ Code: RJ280349

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8 Replies to “Dark and Light JK Bitches Get Together to Service You Sexually”

  1. Ultima

    Alot of these uploads have the Japanese description under the English tab as well.

    Might want to look into that.


      • zoklev

        some user of this site would probably be willing to help by translating descriptions for free. After all, this site has helped us a lot. I wish I could help but I’m not qualified


      • Mr. Ethical

        Google translate w/ my phone, not perfect but here you go★ ☆ ★ Neumann KU100 included works ☆ ★ ☆ ★
          ☆ Sister circle [chokosagi petit] of voice circle “chokosagi” The 8th work …
          Puchikosagi Petit’s first [W heroine] work!
          ☆ I love sex! I’m having fun with the erotic erotic JKs ~~
          ☆ A hot sigh that hits both ears throughout the whole work! There is no time to be careless with pleasure!
          ☆ CV: Binaural audio at Neumann KU100 by Natsume Aizawa & Kaede Akino delivered to you!
          ☆ We’re doing this time too!
          * The registered trial version is the high-resolution version for the download version and the normal version for the player playback version.
          * The content is the same.
          One day, at a rental DVD shop, you were catching the AV of your favorite “JK compensated dating thing”
          Two strangers JK called out-
          “I really like compensated dating ♪”
          “I was just looking for someone like my brother. A man who is curious about helping dating ”
          “Is your older brother a person who can be satisfied with just the video JK?
          “If you’re curious … how about us?”
          “That’s right.
          However, there is one cock, while two erotic erotic JKs with rich experience and techniques.
          Now, “Declaration to show off boasting tech and squeeze” was also made,
          In fact, can you withstand their relentless squeeze …!?
        ■ Main story

        [01_ With us … How about your brother who loves “compensating dating” ♪] (09:06)
        Anata who is fishing for tonight’s silly in a rental DVD shop can be heard by two strangers.
        I’m in an AV-only corner, but why don’t you worry JK !?
        If you show interest in the DVD of the so-called “compensation dating thing” that is contained in your hand and basket,
        “Are you guys who can be satisfied with just the JK in the video? と With us … how?”
        And, ≪Come to the ≪Partnership Dating≫ …!?
        (Ear licking / close whispering / ear sighing)

        [02_ The first shot is handjob …] (19:55)
        Three people who moved to the hotel. Immediately, the white gal who starts “preparation” and in the meantime push you …


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