Healing Salon Ciel: Shirona Course


CV: Ruse Kazunari

RJ Code: RJ257687

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This audio work focuses on SFX, so especially recommended for sound fetishists / ASMR fans. 

All sounds are recorded in a binaural environment.
Please use earphones / headphones to listen to this work.

8 tracks containing: red bean massage, matcha face massage, yomogi ear massage,
shampoo, ear cleaning, etc.
Total playback time: approx. 2 hours 21 minutes

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台本 / Script

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3 Replies to “Healing Salon Ciel: Shirona Course”

  1. Anonymous

    Crescendo also has a youtube channel where they upload asmr vids, you guys should check it out! Their com3d2 stuff is pretty great, not sure if I’m allow to link though

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