JK Succubus’s Smell Fetish Slave Training


CV: Minase Suzuka

RJ Code: RJ255266

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Have you ever been aroused by "smell" in your day to day life?

Perhaps on public transport on a rainy day...
In the elevator...
Or when simply walking behind a girl...

This work is themed around these "smells" and the arousal they bring!

"You're such a naughty teacher, getting aroused to your own student."
A special smell fetish succubus whispers into your ears and uses a variety of 
lewd and perverted play to drain you of your cum!

Enjoy situations such as...
sweet kiss corruption
sweaty socks face stepping
burying face in sweaty tits
hair smelling ear licking 
wet panty sniffing
getting defeated penis smelled

Even after this, the JK succubus "Kara" uses her magic to turn you into 
a smell fetish pervert who can't live without her.

7 main tracks in approx. 50 minutes

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