Spoiled Natsuki Wants to Win! ~The Tomboy’s Best Whispers~

生意気ナツキはあなたに勝ちたい♪ ~強がりボーイッシュのよわよわ囁き低音アクメ~

CV: Haru Koyama

RJ Code: RJ355025

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Last update: 2021/12/03

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  1. Some horny rando

    This was BY FAR the best nut I’ve ever had the pleasure to bust, bless the Tomboy gods and Haru Koyama for brewing into existence such a fire audio.

    • Anonymous

      “Ne” means lying down, and “bakku”, which comes from “back”, means doggystyle.
      So nebakku means doggystyle with a prone female.

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