The Older Gal Next Door Always Spoils Me – Final Chapter –


CV: Yui Asami

RJ Code: RJ310122

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Last update: 2020/12/30

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  1. Anonymous

    asami yui + oneesan? a very great combination to be sure
    the beginning track where she puts us to sleep is really relaxing, love that part
    ending as well, absolute happiness
    one of my top audios to be sure

    Degenerate from RJ316540

  2. martinchain

    I think I realized why I love netorare. I’m a 28 year old woman, and I only recently got into netorare about a year ago. Was actually by accident, as I had no idea what it meant. But the hentai made my stomach churn and I wanted to puke.

    I’ve never cheated on anyone I’ve dated before, and I never want to. I also wouldn’t want to be cheated on (I have before) as its horrific. But I really struggled with why netorare turned me on so much. I would get instantly wet, and orgasms were so intense.

    I think at first it’s the taboo aspect of it. Most people don’t want to confront a cheater. You don’t want to be cheated on. It’s something we don’t face often. So when you face it – the feelings are intense. Mix that with sex and you have a strong sexual experience.

    But at least for me, it’s evolved after I’ve gotten used to netorare and the taboo and shock has worn off. I think it’s the actual sex. I feel like it’s more intense and ravenous in netorare. A big element to netorare / cuckolding is a lover being taken by someone better. Which means the sex is almost always more intense.

    I think people sometimes forget that there are different perspectives in fetishes. There are plenty of men that watch cuckolding and netorare because they put themselves in the position of the Man taking the girl away. They get off on being the alpha.

    For me as a woman, it’s about a girl getting destroyed sexually. It’s not the cheating or the taboo. It’s being ravaged.

    I do find it interesting at how many people have a negative reaction to this genre. I get it, it’s a fetish and fetishes are diverse and complex. And it’s obvious why someone wouldn’t like this. But it makes me think that some people always put themselves in the shoes of the MC (or the Beta). I wonder why some people relate to the MC, and don’t relate to the Man taking the women away.

    • Jin

      i agree in many ways but i still dont like ntr in any way or shape. btw MC usually is your point of view in any story so you see the story through their eyes, this applies to literally any story and not just lewds

      also, just asking is this just a copypasta, like i want to know before i DL this if this is NTR stuff monkaS

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