Hear The Deep Moans of Your Girlfriend as Her Pussy is Plowed Next Door (Foley Sound)


CV: Tsubame Yuzuki

RJ Code: RJ307977

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Last update: 2020/12/03

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  1. Anonymous

    ✓✓RJ307977 Hear The Deep Moans of Your Girlfriend as Her Pussy is Plowed Next Door (Foley Sound)

    CV: Tsubame Yuzuki

    RJ Code: RJ307977
    Boy A: Ntr by boy B, small dick, cumshot in 2min, can’t make girl orgasm
    Boy B: Ntr boy A, boy B is boy A’s brother

    (Pov boy A)
    00.00- kiss
    02.30- deep kiss/ tongue kiss
    03.25- take off my pant, (she say my dick is cute)
    04.10- handjob
    05.30- cumshot , kiss
    06.20- blowjob
    08.55- she say she is virgin(with unconfident
    09.45- (yeah, this is a condom) , boy A trying to open condom, she help him open it, wear condoms
    12.15- finding hole, plug in,sex
    15.35- woman on top position
    17.38- cumshot, kiss
    20.40- sleep beside me
    31.25- wake up , and

    ( Boy B pov)
    32.40- talking about her bf,
    35.48- 威胁她
    37.10-take off my pant, (ahh,so big)
    38.20- blowjob
    39.10- cough cough,
    44.15- mouth cumshot, gokkun
    45.50- suck & clean
    48.50- taking off her panty
    49.40- kiss
    50.25- handjob
    51.55- blowjob

    54.00- plug in, sex
    56.15- kiss
    1.00.30- kiss
    1.02.30- internal Cumshot
    1.04.00- fuck her again
    1.05.30- orgasm
    1.06.00- kiss

    (POV Boy B)
    1.08.55- kiss
    1.10.25- ( girl: I want ur dick),take off my pant
    1.11.07- blowjob, deep throat
    1.13.55- kiss
    1.14.59- whisper ( girl: pls fingering me), fingering
    1.16.30- orgasm
    1.18.12-( girl: don’t stop, I want more)
    1.19.30- (girl: pls fk me use ur hard dick)

    **1.20.0- plug in
    **1.21.10- slowly sex, moaning
    **1.22.30- orgasm,
    1.26.25- fk her hardly
    1.27.25- squirting, internal Cumshot
    1.31.30- (ur dk more better), suck and clean
    1.32.50-she: how about go to bath, my bf has not yet get gome

    1.33.35- bathroom
    1.34.50- handjob
    1.35.30- blowjob
    1.36.30- pls cumshot inside my pussy
    1.37.20- speed up blowjob & handjob
    1.38.00- doggy style, internal cumshot, suck& clean
    1.40.15 water sound/bath sound

    1.40.55- (her bf also there )Waiting for her bf completely sleep
    1.48.20- (her bf is sleep)(she want to sex beside me
    1.49.25- kiss
    1.50.30- 69position, takeoff
    1.51.40- 69 position blowjob, change back to normal position, blowjob
    1.55.55- mouth cumshot, gokkun infront her bf

    1.59.10- kiss
    2.00.10- plug in, sex
    2.03.40- kiss
    2.05.10- squirting
    2.07.25- internal cumshot, kiss
    2.09.05- her bf wake up
    2.10.10- (she: u watch our sex)

    2.10.35-pov boy a
    Watch them sex

    2 21.00- boy B pov, kiss
    2.23.00- pls,I want dick
    2.23.40- plug in,kiss,fk her, moaning
    2.26.35- internal cumshot,kiss
    2.28.50- fk her again,moaning
    2.31.00- fk again
    2.34.40- (she: nee,do u(her bf)listen to our sex sound?)
    2.36.10- blowjob, she put some saliva on my dick, deep throat
    2.39.30- kiss

    2.40.40- plug in, woman on top but her back facing me
    2.42.30- fk her hardly
    2.44.30- kiss
    2.46.30- ( together reach climax ), sex
    2.49.00- internal cumshot
    2.50.50- suck& clean, gokkun
    2.52.10- kiss
    2.53.10- plug in

    2.54.00- (her bf has come)
    2.54.30- deep kiss
    2.56.00- blowjob
    2.58.15- kiss(she: both of us are really hentai), plug-in

    3.00.30- sex
    3.06.00- fk her hardly
    3.07.10- kiss
    3.08.00- change position facing to her bf and having sex infront her bf
    3.11.10- kiss + sex
    3.12.00- internal cumshot
    3.13.50- suck& clean, swallow my sperm infront her bf

    Track B
    0.00 pov boy a (listen beside rooml in
    4.30- she take off my brother’s pant

    * Any recommended rj asmr? Pls comment it in rj 300008
    By: 罗戈luoge

  2. Gabba Gabba

    Anyone know any not NTR ASMRs that have such godly sound quality as this one? The kissing at the start goes RIGHT to my brain, could do with some more that doesn’t fill me with moral dread.

    • Anonymous

      Generally, if you see “Foley”, it means a studio was specifically hired to make the SFX. Tegra Yuki’s works have good SFX quality. And then you can search for famous VAs like Kaede Akino or Tsubame Yuzuki, …. and then it’s trial and error…

      Yours truly,
      The french man of culture from RJ300204

    • Anonymous

      It is a great full color NTR doujin. I just went there and coincidentally, someone there recommended this ASMR work here.

      Yours truly,
      The french man of culture from RJ300204

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