Hear The Deep Moans of Your Girlfriend as Her Pussy is Plowed Next Door (Foley Sound)


CV: Tsubame Yuzuki

RJ Code: RJ307977

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Last update: 2020/12/03

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  1. Anonymous

    Hey, what’s up guys? Hoping you’re doing awesome as always. I did not think I would return to this, after all this time. Does the new installment in the series have something to do with it? Maybe. If you read through my rant, you’ll find this somewhere :

    “even when I am supposed to be at part-time, I am here… Interesting… Oh, the sounds seems different, like I am hearing that through a tube… what…? Maybe it is from ventilation…?”

    To this day, I couldn’t understand where this track came from. Just for fun, I translated the track title and it gave me this :

    ” #5-B.バイトがなくなった日、押し入れに隠れて…彼女のセックスを….wav ”
    “#5-B.The day I lost my part-time job, I hid in the closet… had sex with my girlfriend….wav”

    That means that lil’ bro knew that his big bro was fornicating silly with his GF way before the confrontation (track 8). What does it change, tho? It’s HUGE. It changes everything. Had I known this, I would have known my fantasy scenario was pure fantasy. The fact that lil’ bro knew changes the signification of the confrontation. If lil’ bro was scared of big bro, he would have kept a low profile. If he just wanted to listen through the walls, same thing. Nonetheless, he confronted them. Because lil’ bro knew that would give them the ego boost to stop hiding and do even bolder things. Those, they did.

    What can I say about this one? It is truly a masterpiece that keeps on giving, even after all this years. I think we have solved all the mysteries. It’s been a bash.

    Yours truly,
    The french man of culture from RJ300204

    • french man of culture from rj300204 fan (Hikki)

      Hi dude!
      I am your fan. I always get excited every time I see one of your comments on this site, If you do not mind, I want to be friends with ya. (My english is kinda bad, sorry in advance)

      Hope you see this, I will check on it every single day.
      Your Fan

  2. 寝取られゴミマゾ


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