"SNAP!!" -"city girls"- Instant Hypno Corruption of the Instagrammer YUNA

即おち!~’city girls’~脈なし女子を即堕ち催眠→地雷女子ゆな、かれぴしか勝たん。実質処女です。。NTRちゃいまぁす。。。

CV: Koyori Engawa

RJ Code: RJ305341

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Last update: 2020/11/09

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18 Replies to “"SNAP!!" -"city girls"- Instant Hypno Corruption of the Instagrammer YUNA”

  1. CodenameJ

    So i will not consider about the plot of ntr
    I will only focus on the quality of asmr and plot
    So first i was surprised with her voice.
    She has a voice between fake and real voice. And this concludes to us to feel the “realism”.
    And unlike other asmrists, the moans are realistic. I mean there are no exaggerations so thats why.

  2. anon

    You guys notice how NTR is always a man being made a victim of cheating, and never a woman? Don;t tell me there’s no agenda.

  3. Anonymous

    Aaaah, I did not read the synopsis, I only saw the NTR tag. Damn, there is hypnosis. Yeah, I don’t believe in hypnosis, or that it can make people do crazy things like in cartoons. Maybe I will listen, maybe not.

    Yours truly,
    The french man of culture from RJ300204

  4. Anonymous

    ■即おち!_yuna_track01 [02:07:47]/フィニッシュ[02:01:05]

    ■即おち!_yuna_track02 [01:16:42]/フィニッシュ[01:12:48]

    ■即おち!_yuna_track03 [00:55:30]/フィニッシュ[00:48:35]

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