Manga Cafe JK ~All Whispering Sex So The People Next Door Don’t Hear~ (Foley Sound)


CV: Tsubame Yuzuki

RJ Code: RJ300204

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Last update: 2020/09/30

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  3. A

    This.. this was my first nsfw asmr even listened months ago i randomly discovered this on youtube with the RJ code and i was like “oh, there are stuff like this too?” Without realising that this asmr was the beginning of my path down to hell, but i don’t really dislike it ngl

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  5. Anonymous

    Door Don’t Hear~ (Foley Sound)

    CV: Tsubame Yuzuki

    RJ Code: RJ300204

    Track 1
    2.20- kiss,tongue kiss
    4.35-take off yours
    5.25- (right ear whisper + handjob)
    14.30- fast speed handjob
    17.00- gokkun
    18.50- suck & clean
    21.25- gokkun
    22.50- blowjob
    29.35- mouth cumshot, gokkun, right ear whisper

    32.00- NEW———-
    *33.10- she take off her panty
    34.35- take off my pant
    *35.40- panty handjob
    42.40- she wear panty with sperm
    44.10- suck& clean

    45.58- NEW———-
    *47.30- kiss
    50.35- handjob
    *51.20- ear blowing, ear eating
    *54.00- fast speed handjob, right ear whisper
    55.00- take out condom and wear it for me
    57.00 – plug in, sex
    *1.02.15- sex + moaning
    *1.03.40- sex + kiss, cumshot
    1.08.20- take out , take some tissue lap
    1.10.40- suck & clean
    1.11.50- gokkun
    1.13.10- mouth to mouth water

    TRACK 2
    3.30- kiss, touch my dick
    4.15- kissing my body
    *6.10- kissing from mouth to ear
    6.45- nipple licking
    8.45- take off
    9.25- blowjob
    10.05- saliva
    13.10- take off my pant
    *13.40- (no condom)
    15.40- plug in
    *19.00-sex + kiss
    21.45-internal cumshot
    22.50- kiss
    23.55- suck&clean
    25.30- rest
    27.55- (又流出来了)
    29.50- blowjob
    31.30- handjob + lick& kiss my body
    *32.25- handjob + kiss from mouth to ear
    34.00- right ear whisper + handjob
    36.15- take off her panty, plug in, sex
    *39.00- sex , moaning
    40.50- internal cumshot
    43.25- suck & clean
    44.20- right ear whisper + heavy breathing
    *46.15- sleep breathing sound
    1.00.25- NEW———-
    1.02.20-hand job
    1.04.45- blowjob
    1.07.25- plug in , sex
    1.09.10- kissing my body
    1.13.20- NEW———-(other pov)
    1.16.50- suck & clean
    1.19.25- NEW———-(other pov)
    1.20.10- blowjob, deep throat
    1.21.25- handjob
    1.22.05- fast speed handjob, blowjob
    1.23.30- fingering,moaning, Squirting
    1.25.00- plug in, sex , moaning

    (Maybe i forgor upload timestamp for this ASMR
    By: Grey’s

  6. Anonymous

    Don’t mind me I’m just here to salute the french man of culture. o7

    If you’re reading this, thanks for all of your reviews man! <( ̄- ̄)

  7. Kingston

    They’re doing another person in the later track, but it’s not NTR because she’s a worker, not your kanojo/waifu. I’m a weakling hating NTR but this didn’t disturb me.

  8. Anonymous

    Just to put an end to this debacle, the last track 7 is actually 3 tracks, 7-9.
    their names are:

    so no; no mention of perspective from other person nor anything close to ntr happening, it is still just you and her in the same place doing the deed

    • Anonymous

      actually, after some more research, track 8 couldve have been indeed other’s perspective @@ my bad for jumping to conclusion

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