Sharp-tongued Elite Maid’s Punishing Cum Control


CV: Shio Satou

RJ Code: RJ281933

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Last update: 2020/04/12

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  1. hentaidude

    it is weird that i does not see anyone reply here. i have been using this voice several times. her ejaculation management is really top-notch. she will reprimand you and use shiko shiko voice to make you to fap. strongly suggest to masochist like me maybe you guys.

    your maid realized you have been masturbating with her underwear so she want to give you ejaculation management.

    • Yabb

      As a fellow masochist, I agree. Even after 2 years later I still keep coming back to this for top tier verbal abuse and humiliation. Just one of those works that I would consider perfect beginning to end.

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