"Enclosed by you …"-Environmental healing voice- Healing Sleep Wave sound Binaural

『君につつまれて…』-環境ヒーリング音声- 癒し 安眠 波音 バイノーラル CV涼花みなせ

CV: Minase Suzuka

RJ Code: RJ278789

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Last update: 2021/03/05

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  1. Anonymous

    English Description

    I got a letter from a girl I met recently …
    It had a poem that wrote the thoughts for you …Surrounded by the gentle waves of dusk …You are healed from your heart …
    A special time for only two people …Her earpick is very gentle and the conversation continues forever …

    ▽Work content
    The girl wants to tell you something.
    She is your classmate.I expressed my thoughts in a letter.You are free to pick up …Two people’s…Please enjoy your time alone …Your heart will surely warm up …
    Gentle wave sound by binaural recording …Would you like a gentle sound of a wave that can help you sleep better?
    Recommended for those who are restless …Please listen in a relaxed environment …
    Healing ASMR for you …I wish you a good night’s sleep and good health …

    ▽ Scene contents
    ————————————————– ——————————-
    ▽ Scene 1 Time for only two people to meet and relax on the beach…
    Track01 22:05

    ————————————————– ——————————-
    ▽ Scene 2 Gentle earpick surrounded by gentle waves …
    Track03 27:25

    ————————————————– ——————————-
    ▽ Scene 3 A letter with a thought … A letter to you spelled in Poem …
    Track05 05:00

    SE adjustment version available

    ▽ File format
    FLAC format
    MP3 format 256kbp
    WAV format 96kHz / 24bit
    Binaural high-resolution sound quality
    Including jacket illustration

    Planning: Orichal
    CV: Minase Ryohana
    Scenario: Sahiro Nishiya
    Illustration: Orichal

    ▽ Voice Circle Raime Greetings from Orichal
    This time, Raiden has celebrated its fifth anniversary from the concept.
    Thank you!
    Therefore, a new circle, RAIMULIGHT, was launched.
    In this circle, I intend to make it a circle that mainly provides healing.
    Everyone who has supported Thunder Dream and everyone who is interested in the future
    I hope you can heal a little with this work.