Loving Daily Sex Life With Your Gloomy GIrlfriend


CV: Akari Yuzuki

RJ Code: RJ276504

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17 Replies to “Loving Daily Sex Life With Your Gloomy GIrlfriend”

  1. z

    I really enjoyed this. The first scene accurately captures the awkwardness that surrounds confessions between students and the thoughts that they have such as “I’m so glad that I’m your first girlfriend”. (Not that I would know these things come with confessions, I just think they do). I really like the girl’s personality as shy but gradually opens up and turns out to be very lewd. I don’t think this girl is gloomy at all like the title suggests, the only thing about her that can be interpreted as gloominess is probably her low self-esteem while confessing (“are you sure? I’m not that cute and…”. I really like it when she suddenly stops moaning, comes really close, and whispers something lewd. The sounds during ejaculations (both the sound effects, and her own sounds) were very erotic and arousing.


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