The Storm Cummeth! Slightly Drunken Ear Cleaning By An Otaku Girl

嵐を呼ぶ! オタクで腐女子な幼馴染(あの娘)とホロ酔い耳かき

CV: Biyori Koharu

RJ Code: RJ134716

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Last update: 2020/08/27

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  1. Kingston

    She’s an adoraball little ble of energy!

    5 bucks says a weeb used to write all the English descriptions, strong native speaker vibes

  2. Kingston

    I wonder how many people come back to this one?

    I’ll remember Obama and Trump agreeing on how good it is.

    Ups and downs in life since I last visited.

    Thankful to admin <3

    • Anonymous

      Same man, I simply love this one.
      It hits exactly on the right spot of feels and lewd, I’ve imagined what it’s like to be there and have someone with me so many times.
      Cheers mate, see you around.

  3. CodenameJ

    Vanilla cream level.
    This is lovely.
    So the thing is this girl has some exaggerated emotions and some weird laugh but this is cute as hell. If you want something lovely i really would recommend this.
    *becareful with the anal part.

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