Bub-Me Ejaculation Control ~Sometimes Benevolently, Sometimes Strictly~


CV: Shiho Bubaigawara

RJ Code: RJ223075

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* Synopsis

Wanna be cumtrolled by a ladylike and bub-me girl! 
Demands verbal abuses and fapfap cum moments!

Holding such wishes, you request a girl to 'bub' you.
During her infantilization, you have to put up with her 
cum milking that comes with her benignant forgiveness
and voices feeling as if infiltrating into your testes.

You start sensing that your responsibility and rationality are gradually 'bubbed'...

3 chapters containing: milking handjob, ear licking & order to erect, 
face sitting & footjob, bub-me sex, ball kick with countdown etc.

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