Impregnating a Mischievous Gal! ~The Virginity Graduation Committee~

【過去作半額!! 超絶!!ぐっぽり耳舐め!!】小悪魔おしえごギャルJKと孕ませ援交えっち!?童貞卒業委員会♪【3時間11分バイノーラル】

CV: Tsubame Yuzuki

RJ Code: RJ333023

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Last update: 2021/07/03

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    • Anonymous

      Are you retarded?
      1. Yuka Hinata
      2 Tsubame Yuzuki
      3. Naruto Aisaka
      4. Minase Suzuka
      5. Rito Ichinose
      6. MOMOKA
      7. Natsuki Nogami
      8. Popura/Shiho
      10. Kaede Akino
      In short, she’s mid.

      • Anonymous

        Fuck. You’re right. Popura/Shiho/Chiroru form the holy mommy trifecta so Kaede would be 11. I also forgot Igasaki Ayaka whom I also really like and would put her on the same level as Narumi Aisaka. Honourable Mentions: Kanoko, Haruru, Raichi, and Aino,

      • Anonymous

        Yes I like Kanoko my favourite from her is probably RJ298911
        They are all very talented 🙂 If you have any recommendations from Kanoko (No NTR) I’ll check it out

      • Anonymous

        who even came up with this list? it’s a sin not to include mimori aino in your top ten

      • Anonymous

        If you want kanoko, RJ324655 RJ143253 RJ307183 RJ298911 RJ287905 RJ295048 RJ294289 RJ285806 RJ291780 RJ280136 these are the works that I love from her

        Meanwhile me:
        I really love koyori engawa’s works and kokko’s so much

        should also give honourable mention to nachu aizawa’s works (esp the konko fox) and chiyuri yugi’s recent works

      • Opachki

        Haru Koyama and Shiki Asagi are the first ones I listened to so both of them are my faves. However I also like the ones listed above

      • Anonymous

        Ah I’m not very familiar with Koyori Engawa although I liked her performance with the sister Yandere work that was posted recently. Kokko is also very good I liked the one from Team Landsel but I don’t listen to her a lot.
        I’m completely unfamiliar with Nachu Aizawa and Chiyuri Yugi. I’ll check them and thank you for the Kanoko recommendations.

        Aino Mimori is definitely a gem. All of these women are 🙂 I really liked Aino’s performance in Yumeno Return.

        I have only listened to the white box so I’m not that familiar with Shiki Asagi. I’m sure someone that’s been listening to j-ASMR could make a more informed list than me lol. But yeah I also like Haru Koyama.

        I think it would be neat if admin maybe integrated a poll/survey to see what the community prefers regarding voice actresses.

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