[KU100] Your Beautiful Young Wife Reports Her Infidelity


CV: Kanoko

RJ Code: RJ329861

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Last update: 2021/06/10

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      • Anonymous

        actually kill yourself, if you cant understand why ntr is bad then you really shouldn’t be alive as you wont contribute to anything anyway ntr cuck faggot

  1. Anonymous

    man i understand that the japanese crowd is really really really into ntr but this site has become like two thirds ntr and its a struggle to browse through all the cuckold shit cuz im not into that utter humiliation play

    ads are getting more obnoxious too

    • Jojo

      Not exactly two thirds. The admin usually adds other vanilla works. This NTR’s update just happen recently. Wait like two weeks or so it might slow down.

  2. Anonymous


  3. Anonymous


  4. Anonymous

    Well, it’s a classical hierarchy NTR. MC blunders, and makes the company he works at lose money. He should be fired but the boss makes a deal with him : “Lend me your wife and you keep your job”. Your wife loves you, so there should be no reason to hesitate, right? So you accept the deal. Unfortunately, the boss is not only MC’s hierarchical superior in the company, but also in bed. And what should have happened happened, your wife succombes to your boss’ D. The phone perspective is really interesting.

    Yours truly,
    The french man of culture from RJ300204

  5. Anonymous


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